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Stock Reports

AHR Set to Grow 6.5% Yield with Demographic Tailwinds and Expansion

There are substantial demographic tailwinds that will provide long-term growth potential for AHR. Additionally, AHR is reporting both a return to pre-COVID occupancy rates at its facilities with contract travel nurse labor costs also returning to pre-COVID levels. We believe that the solid 6.5% yield coupled with cost improvements and demographic tailwinds make a strong long-term case for AHR.

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Market and Economy

Economic and Market Review June 2024

Equities moved higher still, with new all-time highs reached in late June. This has been led by the “Magnificent 7” and other large caps, which lead the 2024 market with a combined 15.3% YTD return, followed far behind by emerging market equities at 7.7% YTD return.

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